The World of Social Media….

Pinterest, Google+, Twitter, Facebook, the once-upon-a-time-land of Myspace…  Unnecessary but fun non-the-less. 



Don’t even get me started!  I have every single room, including closets, of my dream house planned out down to the lampshade.  Enough three course meal options to get me through dinners until next year without a repeat.  A Do It Yourself (DIY) board for all the projects I will complete in that proverbial “someday”.  I have a whole board filled with workout routines that I look at about once a week that motivate me to attempt to motivate myself starting in the upcoming week.  I can plan out my nonexistent wardrobe for everyday of the week and if I had the money to keep updating it with every outfit match I’ve pinned… I’d need another apartment just for my clothes and shoes.  As for the quotes, I love seeing what mood people are in by what kind of quotes they pinned.  If you’ve never been on Pinterest, I’d highly recommend it.



Perfect place to follow your favorite celebrities, but only if you can find their actual page and not one that was just created as a goof off.  It’s the perfect place to find more workout ideas to add to your “attempt” list on Pinterest. You can find really awesome quotes or pictures depending on what user you follow and I have to admit I am an almost every day tweeter!  Twitter is also fun if you have favorite Tv shows because people can post reactions and comments to particular moments.  It’s just another step closer to being in the show and of course we need more chances for the nincompoops of the world to be publicized!   





I do enjoy viewing the different pictures put up.  I often put up a picture or two from my weekend or something I’d like to share.  I love reading goofy statuses and contributing in the posting of them at times.  I also like…. Nope that’s about it.  Facebook is a disaster zone.  Let me tell you how excited I am to see pictures posted of dogs that have been burnt or children that have been abused to the point that you can’t even see a face under the swelling and bruises.  The argument (or the poor excuse for one) is because we need to be aware of it.  Not on my news feed thank you! Put that in Google or leave it on the news where we can choose to find out about that on a daily basis.  I also love reading everyone’s rants about their problems every day of the week or what someone is doing every hour.  The only people that are going to care are the ones you actually call up on a… wait for it….. cell phone!! 


 That’s an interesting one.  I’m still in the process of figuring out how to manage it.  You get feeds, chat with people, comment on posts, make circles of friends and post pictures and statuses.  Hmm kind of reminds me like the beginning stages of Facebook?  Or …. Myspace.   ~~Duh Duh DUNNNNNN. ~~  Well I did hear Facebook is on its way out. 


The future of Facebook.  In the rare occasion someone asks if you still have your Myspace account the answer is “O no way!  I deleted it even before it went out of trend.”  (yeah ok…)  That was the start of the drama right there.  What song describes your mood that day or the relationship you’re in.  Get that sappy stuff off your page we all know you love your man.  Want to know how?  You have bedazzled, sparkling, twinkling, and moving pictures of the two of you everywhere.  You have those little mini icons of gushy love quotes and pictures all over your about me section.  He’s your number 1 on your friends list.  Yes, remember that??  You had to rate the people in your life!! “Ummm well my boyfriend…” *giggles* *twirling of the hair* “..He’s my number 1.  Obviously!  Then Suzy is my number two because last week Liz totally gave my ex from a month ago a hug.  She was my number two last week now she’s totally down to 5”  You could have an unlimited amount of friends show or as many as none to view.  Boy, did those number ratings really hit relationships hard.  Whether it was friendships or significant others or even family members!!  The fights that were caused because of just that were ridiculous.  


So yes after seeing how crazy Myspace was, please, let us create a page so similar.  Facebook! 

Then you get the people who like to share their every move with their friends. 

7 am Woke up in a fantastic mood!  Going to get out of bed, shower, brush my teeth, comb my hair and go to work! Have a great day!!

9 am On break.  Omygosh, work is insaaaane!  Need a drink after this.

11.30 am Finally! Day is half over.  Can’t stand people today. ERRRR

1.00 pm   I love my coworkers!

3.00 pm   Off work.  Can’t wait to spend time with the love of my life tonight!! Gym first.

5.00 pm   Awesome workout! Getting ready and going to eat and watch a movie

9.00 pm   So upset cuz someooonnneeee was a complete jerk and didn’t pay for dinner so I had to pay and then we didn’t even go see the movie.  Going to bed. Good night.

……………… Great idea. Goodnight.  Are you going to update us with your dreams too so we don’t miss out!!??

Who says good night to an online social media website where no one really cares, as if someone is going to wish you a good night sleep on your comment box?  Now, by the way, your problems are all out there for everyone to see and know and either get upset with you for being so emotional online or feel good about their not so troubled night. 

There are way too many people posting their problems online or putting up “nonchalant” snarky remarks so whoever they are mad at will read them and either respond or just know what’s on their mind.  FYI that’s what a phone is for! Smart phones = with email and texting, Skype or Facetime and unlimited talking.  Use one of those pleeeeease.  I have no need to see what time of day you fought with so and so and if we are that close please just update me with a phone call! 

Also, if you have the time to put your two-sense into someone else’s frustrated comment and take sides or act like you know their business, then you are just as in need of a slap in the face.  Go read a book.  Or quilt.  Or get a life. 

Thank you, have a great day  🙂



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